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File for EAC Certification

Congratulations on getting Enhanced Access Controls (EAC).

More importantly, thank you for being a responsible retailer and restricting underage access to JUUL. The final step to ensure continued access to JUUL for your valued customers in your store is EAC Certification.

Certification is a process that demonstrates that your POS has two requirements for JUUL transactions:

  • Advanced Age-Verification (ID Scanning) to ensure customers are of legal age, and that an ID is valid and not expired.

  • Automated Product-Quantity Limits to ensure customers cannot buy in bulk to redistribute to those under the legal age by automatically blocking or flagging transactions that exceed Juul Labs’ limits of 1 JUUL Device and 4 JUULpod packs.

How can I get EAC Certified?

Chain retailers can reach out to their Juul Labs representative or contact us to receive EAC Certification.

Independent retailers can file for EAC Certification through an online form below. Watch a step-by-step video on what is involved in this process (also viewable below).

The process takes five minutes and can be completed from your mobile phone. 

Virtual Certification

Step-by-step walkthrough

What happens after I submit my online form?

You will receive an email from us within 3-5 business days with the results. If you are certified, we will confirm your status as an EAC Certified retailer.

If you are not certified on the first attempt, our EAC Call Center can help you fix any issues and you can resubmit. We are here to support you.

Questions? Call the EAC Call Center at 1 (855) 780 7966 between the hours of 9AM – 9PM ET.