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Learn about Enhanced Access Controls

JUUL products – and all tobacco and nicotine products – are for adult consumers only.

Key ways to restrict underage access are to ensure effective age-verification and impose product-quantity limits to reduce the potential for social sourcing. Enhanced Access Controls (EAC) use technology to do both. To combat underage use of JUUL products, we are working with retailers across the U.S. to implement EAC within preexisting point-of-sale system technology.

EAC include two types of requirements for every JUUL transaction:

  • Advanced Age-Verification (ID Scanning) to ensure customers are of legal age, and that an ID is valid and not expired.

  • Automated Product-Quantity Limits to ensure customers cannot buy in bulk to redistribute to those under the legal age by automatically blocking or flagging transactions that exceed Juul Labs’ limits of 1 JUUL Device and/or 16 JUULpods.

See EAC in action (video)

In other words, EAC allow retailers to program their existing point-of-sale technology to be compliant with federal age-verification laws and Juul Labs’ product-quantity limit policies. Research shows that retailers that implement EAC may virtually eliminate age-verification failures, including FDA compliance check inspections.

Ready to upgrade to EAC?

Questions? Call the EAC Call Center at 1 (855) 780 7966 between the hours of 9AM – 9PM ET.