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Retail Access Control Standards (RACS) Program

To combat underage use of JUUL products, Juul Labs is partnering with retailers across the U.S. to implement Juul Labs’ Retail Access Control Standards (RACS) program. The RACS program meets and exceeds our Enhanced Access Controls.

Click the image below to watch a video about RACS. Note: You must be 21 years or older to watch.


RACS has been developed as a standards-based program for retailers, software vendors, and other industry stakeholders to adopt within preexisting point-of-sale (POS) system technology or acquire through new POS-system technology.

RACS is based on a POS solution that automates the transaction from beginning to end, ensuring that the retailer validates the age of the purchaser and restricts the amount of product that can be purchased. 


A RACS-compliant POS system:

  • Automatically requires the scanning of a government-ID to verify age and ID validity (i.e., the ID has not expired);
  • Automatically limits the amount of product that can be purchased in a transaction to 1 device and 4 JUULpod packs; and
  • Automatically integrates the sales transaction to prevent manual override by the retail sales clerk.

If an ID is not scanned to verify age and validity, the system will not allow the transaction to be completed. If the purchaser’s ID reflects an age younger than 21 or is expired, the system will not allow the transaction to be completed. And if the purchase exceeds the product-quantity limits, the system will not allow the transaction to be completed.

RACS-certified retailers must use a RACS-compliant POS system. RACS-compliant POS systems have software features that detect JUUL products scanned during a transaction, and ensure transactions cannot be completed unless the above criteria are met.

Every transaction that contains JUUL products requires automated electronic age verification and compliance with our bulk-purchasing limits. RACS does not permit retail clerks to override these checks.

See a list of current POS providers implementing RACS.