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Important resources from Juul Labs, US Food and Drug Administration , and industry associations

Juul Labs

Juul Labs Authorized Reseller Policy

View Juul Labs’ Authorized Reseller Policy (“Reseller Policy”), which includes details on the Company’s policies spanning standards that aim to restrict underage access, limit underage appeal, and enforce against the marketing and sale of illicit products.

Track + Trace Portal

This program allows Juul Labs to identify where underage users obtained their products. By finding the source of underage sales, we can ensure we’re working with retailers who are dedicated to enforcing Tobacco 21 laws, and help educate retailers on new tobacco legislation.

Reporting Hotline

This hotline allows anyone to report a retailer should they observe unlawful or inappropriate behavior. Select “I have questions about JUUL’s underage use prevention efforts” in the dropdown menu.



The Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) regulates the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of tobacco products to protect public health.

Center for Tobacco Products

Access regulations & guidance, compliance & enforcement information, and public health information from FDA CTP.

Compliance Check Inspections of Tobacco Retailers

View historical data from FDA’s retailer compliance check inspections.

“This is Our Watch” Campaign

Access educational materials from FDA CTP’s “This is Our Watch” campaign, which aims to help tobacco retailers better understand FDA tobacco regulations and the importance of compliance.

We Card

We Card is a national non-profit serving retailers of tobacco, alcohol, e-cigarettes, vapor products, and other age-restricted products. The organization provides training services for compliance efforts with federal, state, and local laws on preventing age-restricted product sales to minors is to provide tools and training to help retailers prevent the underage sale of age-restricted products.

We Card Collateral and Training Tools

Equip your store with point of sale signage, educational resources, and age-verification tools to help your team sell responsibly.

The We Card We Care Campaign

The We Card Program is launching the We Care campaign to raise awareness about the social sourcing problem.

ID Scanning Tools

Learn more about how We Card can help support ID scanning as a best practice.

We Card Resource Center

Get access to guides, tools, and e-learning training programs to support responsible retailing efforts.


TruAge is a JLI-recommended digital age verification tool that offers a faster, safer and smarter way to verify age and keep adult products out of underage hands. Free to retailers and POS vendors.