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Juul Labs’ Mystery Shop Program

We conduct compliance checks through our Mystery Shop program to assess retailer compliance with both federal age-verification requirements and our own internal policy restrictions on product quantity purchase limits. We take appropriate actions against retailers that fail compliance checks under this program, including up to a potential product sales ban.

Additional information related to JLI’s mystery shop program may be shared with federal and state regulators and enforcement agencies in accordance with applicable regulations or as part of past settlement agreements. We continue to engage with these and other stakeholders, including retail, wholesale and distributor partners as we work to restrict underage access to JUUL products.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also conducts compliance checks using underage youth who attempt to buy tobacco or vapor products.

Failing either an FDA compliance check or Juul Labs mystery shop can come with penalties. It is critical that retailers follow the law and ask anyone under the age of 27 for a valid, government-issued ID.

The FDA has their own penalties for failing a compliance check. After a violation, the FDA applies penalties based on a store’s inspection record. These may include:

  • Warning Letter Issued (FDA issues a warning letter on first violation)
  • Civil Money Penalty (for a 2nd or more violations)
  • No-Tobacco-Sale Order (if a store has had 5 or more repeated violations within 36 months)

To learn more about the FDA violation process, see FDA’s chart here.

To see FDA’s fine and penalty structure click here.

One of the top reasons cashiers fail compliance checks is because the store was busy, and they didn’t take the time to do the right thing.

Let technology do the guesswork for your staff, and have peace of mind that your cashiers will age-verify and comply with Juul Labs’ product-quantity limits.