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Smart Trade Fixture

Introducing the Juul Labs Smart Trade Fixture (STF)

As an alternative to purchasing or upgrading your POS system, Juul Labs is introducing the STF with built-in Enhanced Access Controls (EAC).

The STF is designed to be a behind-the-counter dispenser that is locked and is not accessible to customers to control the sale of JUUL products in a store.


The STF integrates electronic ID scanning to verify the purchaser’s age and ID validity, as well as automated product-quantity limits to restrict the amount of JUUL products that can be dispensed.

Smart Trade Fixtures are offered to retailers by Payrange Inc. which is not affiliated with JUUL Labs, Inc. Minimum 1 year contractual commitment required. Additional fees apply.

See STF in action


Questions? Please reach out to your Juul Labs Representative or call the EAC Call Center at 1 (855) 780 7966 between the hours of 9AM – 9PM ET.

Thank you for being a responsible retail partner and helping restrict underage access to JUUL products.